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  • French Scalloped Potatoes

    This recipe is simple, straightforward, and is almost fool proof. I made this over the Christmas holiday as one of the sides to go along with Turkey. Naturally the Emeril recipe for Turkey posted on this site.

    With the use of the heavy cream on the top, the dish turns out a nice yellow-orange crust on top that everyone wanted. This serving plate came back to the kitchen complete clean – I think someone licked the bowl.

    In this recipe I used ground nutmeg. So don’t reach for the pre-ground nutmeg on your spice rack. Go get yourself some whole nutmeg, you can find it in the spice rack in your grocery store, and get your self a small grader. Or you could use one of the sides of your stand up grader (the one you use for cheese) you never use. There is a difference between prepackaged ground nutmeg and when you grind it yourself; just try it in a glass of eggnog, you will see what I mean.

    Another note; is that I bumped up the garlic gloves. The recipe calls for 3 I used 5.

    I apologize for no photo yet, I forgot my camera when we went to my wife’s sister’s house (Carrie) – I guess that would make her my sister-in-law [I was never good at the relationship naming conventions on a family tree]. At any rate, I have this side dish planned for this weekend and I will update this post with a nice image.

    This recipe will serve 6, so if you have more, double it.

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