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  • dill-chicken-with-tomato-dill-relishThis recipe came from the September 2009 issue of Gourmet and I made some slight modifications to accommodate my personal tastes. The recipe calls for making a relish; which means mixing some ingredients and serving cold [or room temp]. I preferred to have tomatoes slightly sautéed, so put the relish into a pan and worked it for two minutes to get it warm.

    Another variation is I left out the grained mustard, since my wife simply doesn’t like mustard. I would include the mustard to give it just a bit more flavor.

    To prepare the chicken you can either use your BBQ or you can use the stove. I used the stove method because I was out of charcoal – of all the things. Nevertheless, the stove method works as well. I have a pan with grill slates on the bottom and I sear on each side for 2 minutes then bake at 500 for 6 minutes. The original recipe called for grilling on the BBQ, however, I will show you the stove method.


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  • chicken-tomatoes-basilChicken Tomato Basil

    Here is a quick recipe that will take your boring chicken night to the next level. This recipe comes from Chef Ramsey’s The “F” Word that aired on Wednesday and combines frying the chicken to seal in the flavor then baking to finish it off.

    Rather than the sauces you may have seen in prior recipes on this site, this takes some simple ingredients [shallots, garlic, basil, and tomatoes] and tops the chicken during the baking process. The mozzarella cheese tops the whole ordeal to hold it together.

    You will notice that the ingredient list does not show exact measurements. Well for one I jotted down this recipe from the show and has not been posted on the site [The “F” Word], and I think we are getting to the point, if you have been following this blog, where we cook by feel more than by measurements. Except for baking! Yep baking takes precise measurements.

    So back to the chicken.

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  • brick-chicken1

    Italian Chicken Under A Brick – Revisted

    A few weeks ago you may remember seeing an interesting chicken recipe that utilized bricks on top of the chicken while BBQing. In that post I used chicken breasts, not my favorite but it worked at the time.

    Over the 4th of July weekend I had the opportunity to use my sister-in-law’s (Carrie) kitchen and BBQ. What a relief

    from that cramped kitchen I work in. Anyways, this time I boned three chickens and attemped the “Italian Chicken Under a Brick” recipe again.

    To start with, I cut the backbones out of the chickens (saved them for stock), and flipped over the chicken to remove the ribs and breast bone. I removed the wish bone and part of the wing. Emeril has a quick video that will help you get started on deboning a chicken – Emeril.

    Cooking with whole chickens is wonderful and makes you never want to by that package of skinless, boneless chicken breasts ever again. As you shouldn’t, those whole fryers are cheaper and taste better.

    The recipe I followed can be found in my post here. http://www.5starrecipe.com/?p=425#more-425

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  • chicken-on-a-stickSmoked Chicken on a Stick

    My neighbor Rick Rich submitted this recipe and I had the opportunity to eat a few of these chickens on a stick. Wow, I’m ready for another plate full.

    In this recipe, a boned chicken is marinated in soy sauce for 4 hours, then smoked. In this case it was on a Traeger. Ever since Rick got his Traeger, he cooks (smokes) everything on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he found a way to smoke pasta (wink).

    If you don’t have a Traeger, I guess a regular old smoker will have to do.
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  • brick-chickenItalian Chicken Under A Brick

    It was time to fire up the BBQ this weekend because we have been working hard on our backyard makeover and neglecting the grill. Ok it is more than a makeover it is a complete start from scratch, hence why my posts have been far and few between lately (which I will correct).

    Today’s recipe comes from Emeril and his book Emeril at the Grill. In Emerils recipe he has you bone a chicken and grill it flat with bricks on top. What a cool idea, but I didn’t have a whole chicken when I tried this so chick breasts it was. My next attempt at this will certainly be a whole boned chicken.
    Back to the bricks, find yourself some old bricks. Lucky for me, we are putting down about 5 million pavers (in the backyard) so finding candidates for the grill was not hard. I just had to look at the pallets in my driveway. Wrap your bricks with aluminum foil and heat them prior to grilling the chicken.

    Another thing to think about is that you want to marinate the chicken for 2-6 hours. I recommend at least 4. This way the herbs and lemon juice penetrates the chicken.

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  • Chicken in butter sauce

    By Jeffrey Cameron

    Last night I got home and there was nothing thawed in the refrigerator; you know those nights where you just want to say crap! So rather than succumbing to laziness, I thought that I would thaw some chicken in hot water, and while not completely thawed, I would need to cook the chicken slower than normal.

    I put some basic ingredients together to braise the chicken: oil, garlic, shallots, wine, and this time butter. I had some butter left over from the holidays and this would be a good time to use it. Also I had some Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris left over from the night before and decided that would be good to glaze and the flavor is amazing as well.

    I used a little chicken broth to keep the sauce from becoming think, since I had to cook longer [chicken partially frozen].

    In the picture, notice how the butter really crisped up the chicken and made it a nice golden brown. Ok so here is what I did. This one is really easy.

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  • Chicken and onion in cream sauce

    By Jeffrey Cameron

    Last night I needed to whip up something quick because the weather was very nasty in the Salem – Portland (Oregon) area. With nothing in mind, I fell back into a style I am beginning to adopt; French cooking with wine, braising the meat, and presenting with the sauce from the pan.

    Last night I discovered an interesting flavor in my cooking which used both shallots and green onions (the green part). I cut back on the usual amount of basil (to reduce the sweetness), and increased the oregano.

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  • Chicken with Shrimp in White Wine Sauce

    This dish has an amazing sauce and can be made with either shrimp or crayfish. Don’t buy the peeled precooked shrimp. Get yourself the fresh shrimp with shell on, because you will need the shells for the sauce.

    This recipe takes a little effort and will take 30-45 minutes, so you may want to try it for the first time on a weekend when you can take your time.

    For the bouquet garni, I used parsley, oregano, and thyme.

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  • Here is a recipe I put together last night that puts chicken strips into a pita bread to serve as a starter. I really wanted to incorporate smoked gouda because I can’t get enough of it.

    I kept with the classic poultry mix of herbs (sage, thyme, rosemary) and utilized shallots and garlic to give it a little boost.

    In this starter, you brown the chicken about two-thirds of the way done, set it side, brown the shallots and garlic, deglaze with white wine, and finish the chicken in the same pan. Then at the end you put the pesto mix (cheese, herbs, and olive oil) in the pan and toss.

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  • Mushroom Risotto With SageThis weekend my family, and neighbors, got a treat from my kitchen. I executed a Chef Gordon Ramsay mushroom risotto. If you have been watching this years Hell’s Kitchen, you will know that a risotto is on almost every menu. And, people have a hard time preparing the risotto the way Chef would like. Read the rest of this entry »

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