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  • halibut-and-salmonHow lucky can one person be to get fresh caught Salmon from Alaska and Halibut from the Oregon coast in the same day? I know. My daughter just got back from Alaska where she spend a week or so fishing and she we kind enough to bring back some Coho Salmon.

    That same days, my neighbor (Nick) came back from Halibut fishing off the coast of Oregon. And would you believe it, he laid a big fillet in my hands.

    What was I to do? The answer was to put some simple seasonings on the fish and BBQ both of them at the same time. Some garlic salt, onion salt, and dried basil. Then topped with some real butter.

    The reason this is on the 5 star site today is because it was fresh caught fish. What a difference fresh makes!

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  • brick-chicken1

    Italian Chicken Under A Brick – Revisted

    A few weeks ago you may remember seeing an interesting chicken recipe that utilized bricks on top of the chicken while BBQing. In that post I used chicken breasts, not my favorite but it worked at the time.

    Over the 4th of July weekend I had the opportunity to use my sister-in-law’s (Carrie) kitchen and BBQ. What a relief

    from that cramped kitchen I work in. Anyways, this time I boned three chickens and attemped the “Italian Chicken Under a Brick” recipe again.

    To start with, I cut the backbones out of the chickens (saved them for stock), and flipped over the chicken to remove the ribs and breast bone. I removed the wish bone and part of the wing. Emeril has a quick video that will help you get started on deboning a chicken – Emeril.

    Cooking with whole chickens is wonderful and makes you never want to by that package of skinless, boneless chicken breasts ever again. As you shouldn’t, those whole fryers are cheaper and taste better.

    The recipe I followed can be found in my post here. http://www.5starrecipe.com/?p=425#more-425

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  • brick-chickenItalian Chicken Under A Brick

    It was time to fire up the BBQ this weekend because we have been working hard on our backyard makeover and neglecting the grill. Ok it is more than a makeover it is a complete start from scratch, hence why my posts have been far and few between lately (which I will correct).

    Today’s recipe comes from Emeril and his book Emeril at the Grill. In Emerils recipe he has you bone a chicken and grill it flat with bricks on top. What a cool idea, but I didn’t have a whole chicken when I tried this so chick breasts it was. My next attempt at this will certainly be a whole boned chicken.
    Back to the bricks, find yourself some old bricks. Lucky for me, we are putting down about 5 million pavers (in the backyard) so finding candidates for the grill was not hard. I just had to look at the pallets in my driveway. Wrap your bricks with aluminum foil and heat them prior to grilling the chicken.

    Another thing to think about is that you want to marinate the chicken for 2-6 hours. I recommend at least 4. This way the herbs and lemon juice penetrates the chicken.

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  • Salmon 

    Nick Frank is a good neighbor of mine that loves to fish, and by the way he informed me he was 57 miles off the coast not 25 when he caught the tuna I used in a prior recipe. Thank you again Nick for the great fish!

    He was kind enough to share one of his favorite ways to BBQ salmon.

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  • Grilled Pork With Orange SauceYou are going to love this recipe because the pork center cuts are marinated in orange juice for three hours or more. I recommend overnight. The citrus penetrates the pork and provides a wonderful flavor. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Boston Baked BeansThere is nothing like making your own baked beans. You may be the type of person that thinks of a can opener and a can when it comes to baked-beans. You are in good company. However, there comes a time when you just have to try making your own.

    Well today is that day!

    The first thing to think about baked-beans is the time frame. The navy beans need to soak in water over night, then they good for roughly five hours, so your timing is everything. The good news is that you can refrigerate your beans and reheat them before the meal is served.

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  • RibsOk it is almost Spring and it is time to break out the BBQ. Well this weekend it was snowing and hailing during my BBQ; That just shows you to what lengths I go to for a delicious meal.

    First, take your BBQ sauce and throw it in the garbage. Don’t cringe, just do it.  Today we are going to use four simple ingredients to get a wonderful flavor in the ribs.

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  • Apricot Glazed ChickenIt’s time to get the grill back out and at my house that means charcoal. Yep, nothing beats a real charcoal BBQ, not even that fancy gas appliance with all the knobs and stuff you don’t need.

    This recipe is easy and can be put together in a couple minutes. The key to this is in cooking the chicken. You want the chicken cooked through while perfectly browning the outside – not charred.

    So, you have to use the indirect method. Get your fire going on one side of the grill (if using gas turn on one side and leave the other side off), and place your chicken on the other side. Be sure to close the lid so the heat will stay trapped and act like an oven.

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