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  • creme-bruleeCrème brûlée – Baked Custard With Burned Sugar

    This recipe originated in Cambridge, England and has become associated with France and is widely made and eaten there. This dessert is becoming one of my favorites, because I love custard, love caramelized sugar, and I add a little orange liqueur to give it a little more flavor.

    There are couple secrets to this recipe. The first being you need to use an actual vanilla bean. Trust me its not hard, scrape out the bean, boil and strain. Sure beats using extract. The second secret is in using boiling water in your roasting pan (or cookie sheet) half why up the ramekins during the baking process.

    You may ask what is a ramekin? It’s a small 4.5 oz bowl. You can pick them up almost anywhere.

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  • Chocolate Cream Puffs

    This dessert is visually appealing and tastes great. Who doesn’t like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The puffs can be made ahead of time and split just before serving.

    I brought these over to our neighbors (Rick and Cindy) and we devoured them. The best part was looking at my 6 year old son (Max) afterwards. He had a chocolate ring round his mouth. What a fun time.

    Make these for your family, and see their eyes when you present them.

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  • I recently posted a recipe for Pumpkin Custard Pie and left my camera at work. So I made another pie New Year’s morning (about 5:30am) for a party that was sprung on me at the last minute. But I can’t complain, I love to cook. So up-and-at-em at 5:30am to start a pie.

    Well as you know, the crust takes some time. 45 minutes to chill in a disk, then into the pan and chill another 45 – 60 minutes. Then an hour to bake. Then cooling time. You got to get going!

    This is the best pumpkin pie I have ever had. It is an Emeril recipe and uses both light and dark brown sugar. That way you get a dark brown filling. Also some burbon, but I only had some Mr. Jack Daniels, so in he went.

    The crust was perfect. I used the cusinart method rather then cutting in the butter by hand with forks. Forget the thought it tastes better when you have to work hard at it. The cusinart method is fast, and makes the crust perfect every time. I will go into detail on how to use the cusinart to make crust in the forums “How Tos” next week. So look for it there.

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  • This recipe comes from Emeril Lagasse and was aired in 2007 on Emeril Live. The episode was Ultimate Thanksgiving.

    There are three recipes I use from this one show every year, the bacon brussels sprouts, the brined herb roasted turkey, and this pumpkin custard pie.

    This recipe is very silky and I just can’t seem to get enough of this pumpkin pie. I know you will enjoy it. Thank you Emeril.

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  • Peach Cobbler

    Let the smell of cinnamon and brown sugar peaches fill your home as these slow cook. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Viennese Chocolate Windmills

    These cookies are rich, delicate, and are great with coffee. They are not only visually appealing, they taste great.

    I recommend using the superfine sugar because it dissolves more rapidly. If you don’t have superfine sugar, take your regular (table) sugar and put it in your food processor for about one minute. Read the rest of this entry »

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  •  Sweet Potato Pie

    A southern favorite and here’s an excellent example. Read the rest of this entry »

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